Mcnutndorff Landscapes is…


Lori McNutt – landscape and horticultural design
Lori studied and practiced as a ceramic sculptor, eventually working with galleries such as ACCA and Heidi where she developed an interest in the idea that gardens and landscapes are ever-evolving works of sculpture. Going on to study landscape design and horticulture, Lori now approaches each garden space in much the same way she did her art practice: by knowing her materials intimately – both static and organic - and how they work together to create beautiful ‘living spaces’. 

Karl Teschendorff – landscape design and construction

Karl comes from a family of artists and architects, and grew up helping his artist dad to build and sculpt in the backyard. After discovering the joy of pulling things apart: first toys, then cars and eventually houses – he become more and more enamored with understanding how architecture and flora fit together. Informed by the classic Euro-Australian garden designs of Ellis Stones and Edna Walling, Karl looks to create exciting new spaces with the benefit of contemporary materials and building techniques.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and have been designing gardens for over 15 years.