In a design consultation we ask… 

  • How do you want to use and move through your space?
  • How can we can ‘shape’ the environment architecturally to meet your needs, e.g. paths and decks, areas of light and shade, lawns and pagolas? 
  • How much time do you want to spend working in a garden, and do you want a productive space, e.g. fruit trees, herb or vege plots, or is this a passive space that’s about entertaining, relaxing and the sights and smells of a beautiful garden? 
  • What is the existing environment, e.g. size, aspect and shape of a space, soil-types and water availability? 

Once we understand the essential building blocks of your space we can give you a ‘menu’ of the ideal flora and materials on offer, and put together detailed plans so you can start to see the design possibilities. 

We bring your ideas to life.

By designing what you have in mind, we can ensure the right flora, materials, geometry and building methods are chosen for your space. Talk to us about what you know you want – and what you’re not so sure about – and we can help fill in the blanks and produce a plan for your beautiful and effective outdoor space. 

Construction is the really exciting bit for us. Starting with a project plan, we aim to see your designs become a reality with the least amount of disruption and time. We coordinate delivery of materials and booking of contractors to ensure ‘what can go wrong, doesn’t go wrong’. Of course, we know that weather and other ‘uncontrollables’ happen, so we build in contingencies to keep your build as close to clockwork throughout as possible.

You might change your mind about something as you see your space take shape during construction – We are always on-site and keen for your feedback and questions as the job progresses, so … ask away!